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You’ve probably started with great intentions, telling yourself you’ll stash away more for retirement and buy fewer lattes (because some writer said buying lattes is a bad thing). But life happens. It’s not as neat and tidy as the financial experts on TV seem to think. You’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you need more than simplistic, cookie-cutter instructions to keep you on the right financial path. Kate Stalter escorts you to the right path for your money. She talks to experts and "normal" people who have taken the right steps to make better money decisions.
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Nov 25, 2015

Welcome! My guest today is Christy Haussler, who is the founder and CEO of Team Podcast. Christy is here to talk about how she achieved something that most people only dream about: leaving her corporate job and moving to Key West to run her own growing business that is completely location-independent. Christy tells us how she does it!

What you’ll hear from Christy:

  • Christy and I met and connected through Podcasters’ Paradise, and I learned her incredible story!
  • Christy obtained a college degree in education, but quickly realized that the business world is more lucrative and more interesting to her.
  • She experienced a job loss through downsizing from her company and went to a small company that required a very long daily commute.
  • Christy discovered podcasts and soon became a local business advocate, but noticed they were not represented in the podcast world.
  • She began a five-day/week podcast dedicated to bringing awareness to local businesses.
  • Miraculous doors opened one-by-one to relocate to Key West even though it was scary to take the “leap.”
  • Christy started Team Podcast to create the company she looked for to do the podcast outsourcing tasks that she couldn’t find.
  • Her business works with 25-30 podcasts and is constantly growing.
  • Christy still finds time to listen to podcasts and is a self-described “business junkie,” both for herself and for her clients.
  • Even though Christy attributes her good financial sense to the example set by her parents, she says, “Good financial sense and work ethic don’t equal fulfillment!”
  • Most entrepreneurs stay employed TOO long and it handicaps their skills and abilities.
  • “The universe is bigger than numbers.” Sometimes your decisions go against the numbers.
  • Regarding her decision to change her life, “Whatever I will lose in the process will be worth it in the long run.”
  • Christy’s transition wasn’t a planned-out process, but the action of taking one step at a time through the NEXT open door.
  • The beauty of a location-independent business is the freedom you have to work anywhere!
  • If your livelihood depends on self-promotion, then you MUST become comfortable with it.
  • “Passion for your business doesn’t pay the power bill.”
  • Christy’s inspiration comes from her father, and from Suze Orman’s “People Over Things” philosophy of financial management.
  • Living to accumulate things will keep you trapped in a life you don’t want to live!
  • Christy’s advice? “Life-changing decisions can’t be made in a day. Do something TODAY to take small steps to make it happen or to get you one step closer.”
  • Consumerism and pressure from today’s society will land you in a financial MESS!
  • For most people, the lifestyle decisions we make from day to day DO NOT align with our ultimate dreams and goals.

Resources:  (Christy’s specialty is helping with launching podcasts, podcast strategy and production. She would love to encourage and help you on YOUR business journey!)

Email Christy:

Nov 18, 2015

Welcome! I’ve been a fan of today’s guest for quite awhile. I like his approach to a “rich life.” He is Beau Henderson, who is an author, radio show host, and financial advisor. His book is The Rich Life: Ten Investments for True Wealth.

What You’ll Hear from Beau:

  • We must blend the principles of money and real-life into “Functional Financial Planning.”
  • “A Rich Life” boils down to what people value, connect to, and what “lights” them up.
  • Media that Beau uses most? Radio and Audible for reading books
  • About his decision points early in his life, Beau says, “I’m the poster child for learning lessons from messing up!”
  • Beau has a unique perspective of looking at life as a school curriculum that we have to repeat until we pass.
  • An attitude of gratitude!
  • “Life School”—how this realization hit Beau with a seven-figure debt!
  • Beau learned the priceless lessons of risk, relationships, partnerships, and survival.
  • “I was determined to learn the lesson and be better for it.”
  • Listen to hear about the turning point that brought him face to face with reality.
  • “Don’t pursue wealth, but view it as a tool to create a meaningful life.”
  • Beau’s focus is to build something that has a legacy to it.
  • He has a partnership with Junior Achievement in a financial literacy course for kids.
  • Today’s kids have less savings and more debt than their parents!
  • Experiential learning is necessary to be a good financial advisor.
  • Everyone should be talking about money!
  • “Being an ostrich with your head in the sand is a BAD financial plan!”
  • Get clarity and be honest about where you are with your money right now—KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!


Nov 18, 2015

Welcome! Today’s guest is Jason Womack, who has hosted the podcast Your Best Just Got Better, and written a book by the same name. By listening to Jason’s podcast, I’ve learned how to use my time for better productivity. Jason is an executive coach, speaker, time management consultant, and triathlete. Jason’s physical “better decisions” began about 12 years ago, and he likens those decisions and their payoff to making Better Money Decisions.

What you can expect to hear from Jason:

  • “Once a habit becomes a behavior, then you will continue it.” Jason says this rule applies to investing.
  • Jason shares decision points from his young life involving early jobs and money management.
  • Thanks to his parents, Jason learned early about the difference between getting paid by the hour and being paid for performance.
  • Jason’s father told him, “If you teach, you’ll always have a job.”
  • Jason nurtured the seed, got his education degree, and began teaching.
  • His mistake was settling for a job that paid by the hour with no regard for performance.
  • Jason uses driving in the fog on the Golden Gate Bridge as a metaphor for the dissatisfaction and limited vision he felt for his teaching career.
  • The turning point for Jason came in 1998 at a teachers’ conference when he realized that he could sign up to be a presenter.
  • He became a seminar speaker in 2000 for David Allen and his Getting Things Done program.
  • What can WE learn from Jason’s experience? He had the DRIVE to be better than he was before.
  • “Stop asking what you can DO, and start asking what you can GIVE.”
  • When people are at crossroads concerning money, they are tempted to fall back on their skills and education from the past.
  • Jason took three steps that have paid off for his business: he found an advisor who agreed with his philosophy, he began spending up to $50K yearly on marketing, and spent $15-30K yearly on what he calls “Angel Investments.”
  • Jason loves learning from others’ mistakes and what NOT to do.
  • Since 1998, Jason’s focus has been helping people figure out how to have the mental fortitude to make the best decisions for themselves.


Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck (Jason’s new book)

Jason’s  Get Momentum online academy is a one-year course with monthly themes, webinars, activities, coaching, and an online forum.


Nov 14, 2015

Welcome to Episode 1! This podcast is all about helping you make Better Money Decisions. Your host is Kate Stalter, who is a financial columnist for US News and World Report, Forbes, and She is the founder and CIO of B$D and is joined by her colleague, Lorraine Ell. Lorraine is the new CEO of B$D and describes herself as a serial entrepreneur. She has successfully established and run businesses from Saudi Arabia to Budapest, Hungary. Lorraine is aware of the pitfalls of financial decisions that impact your business AND your personal finances.  B$D is structured differently than traditional stock brokers because we are CLIENT-FOCUSED. We are here to help you, so join us for the journey!

What you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • EVERYONE goes through financial decisions that aren’t “so wonderful.”
  • Kate laughs about an article she wrote long ago titled Stock-Picking: The Formula for Success, but her financial philosophy has changed since then as her knowledge has grown.
  • “Anchoring”—when you look back on the mistakes you’ve made in the past and find them difficult to overcome psychologically.
  • This podcast won’t be full of the “same old” financial advice that you’ve heard over and over again: “Spend less than you make,” or “Stop buying Starbucks!”
  • Financial decisions are not a “One Size Fits All” scenario.
  • Financial decisions are about what people value and want to spend their money on, and this differs for everyone!
  • “Baby Boomers” and “Millennials” feel different about things like home ownership, travel, family, etc.
  • B$D is about people reaching decision points and NOT following a static “financial plan.”
  • EVERY major life event has a financial component, and we don’t always know how we’ll react.
  • Focal points for this podcast will be giving you insights into these financial decisions and bringing guests to you with the expertise to help.
  • To make Better Money Decisions NOW:
    • Assess what you DO value most in life—your internal motivation.
    • Decide what you hope for in the future.
    • Learn to use money to make your life fulfilling and happy.

Resources:  (Reach out to us via our website, ask us your questions, and tell us your concerns and financial pain points. Find our B$D Action Plan to help you NOW!)