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You’ve probably started with great intentions, telling yourself you’ll stash away more for retirement and buy fewer lattes (because some writer said buying lattes is a bad thing). But life happens. It’s not as neat and tidy as the financial experts on TV seem to think. You’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you need more than simplistic, cookie-cutter instructions to keep you on the right financial path. Kate Stalter escorts you to the right path for your money. She talks to experts and "normal" people who have taken the right steps to make better money decisions.
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Jan 31, 2017

Finances are more complicated today than ever before. There are as many women out there making financial decisions, as there are men.  It can be difficult to get up to speed if you haven't been involved before. First, on today's episode of “America Talks Money”, Kate and Kelly discuss the importance of finding the right financial advice and also what to look for in  a financial advisor.


In our parents generation, things were more linear and predictable. Today, many people, especially women, find themselves having to make their own choices about taxes, social security, estate planning and even their pension funds. Listen in as Kate and Kelly talk about the interesting research study, done in September by United Capital, called: “Myth Busters-Women and the financial Services Industry” and the valuable advice offered by CEO Joe Durand.


Second in the show, Kate talks to Andrew Chanin. Andrew started out in 2007 on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, with one of the largest ETF firms at the time. In 2010, he founded his own Exchange Traded Fund company. In todays episode, Andrew talks to Kate about his company and it's products.


He discusses:


•What went into the founding of his company.

•His 'be different' approach, to create new opportunities for investors.

•The two types of ETF's- some needing awareness and others needing education.

•How he makes it simple for investors.

•The different funds he offers and what goes into them.

•How he envisions these ETF's being used in a broader portfolio.

•How this could compliment a more traditional asset allocation strategy.

•The expense ratios involved in these themed, more narrowly focused ETF's, as compared with more broadly based index funds.





Andrew's website:


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Book Recommended: A Fool and his Money by John Rothschild 


Kate advises: Google the terms: efficient market hypothesis


                                                 dimensional fund advisors


Jan 26, 2017

How do you really feel about money? Do you blame someone or something else for your financial situation, or do you avoid timely financial planning? If so, you will benefit from an informative product that really speaks to people about what they need to do with their money. First, on today's episode of “America Talks Money”, co-host Kelly Chisolm talks to Kate Slater about “Sacred Money Archetypes”.


This product is an assessment, provided to a client, that involves matching them to one of eight really accurate personality types, with regards to money. It has to do with one's values and beliefs around money. It also includes a spiritual element. Today, Kelly talks about what to do with your personality type and how to work with it, once you have been matched to it.


Second, on today's show, host Kate Slater talks to post-election guest, Chip Lake, about “What the Election Means for Markets”. Chip, from Glendale Strategies, is former Chief of Staff and Member of Congress, from Georgia. Since 2012, he has been a political consultant, specializing in digging into the data surrounding a political campaign. 


Today, Chip talks to Kate about:


•The market impact since the election of Donald Trump.

•How incorrect political assumptions cause trouble for people.

•How markets are used for political leverage.

•The president elect's huge decision about who he is going to appoint as Treasury Secretary.

•How the above choice is one of the foremost indicators on how he plans on governing, as president.

•His views on the impact that Donald Trump will have on the economy.

•How Donald Trump is different to anybody else who has ever been in that position.

•The uncertainty of the current political situation.

•The 'anti-trade' type platform of the president-elect and the impact that it could have on markets.

•The financial implications of balancing the national budget.

•How the reality of the current situation is not what the voters want to hear.

•The many difficulties that Donald Trump could face in the near future.

•The pros and cons of transparency.





To find out more about “Sacred Money Archetypes”: email: askus@americatalksmoney

Jan 24, 2017

How well are your physical assets protected? Do you have a record of all the items of value in your home, in case of an insurance claim due to theft, fire or natural disaster? If not, listen in to the guest on today's show, Lisa Darrell and learn about how important it is to have your belongings documented and how you can have it done easily and without stress.


Lisa is the owner and operator of The Asset Inventory, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Asset Inventory is a growing consultancy for the private sector and small businesses, to assist you in documenting and cataloging your belongings, to ease your pain if tragedy strikes


Today, Lisa talks about:


•The service that she provides and what's in it.

•How she initially identified a need for her service.

•The simple process involved in using Lisa's service with The Asset Inventory.

•The types of assets that should be documented.

•The situations that prompt people to use Lisa's service.

•How this service can really reduce your stress levels.

•The emotional component to her service- particularly around the history of certain items.


Today, Kate and Kelly talk about self-worth and how it affects people and the way they look at money. They discuss the number of decisions that people make daily, that are influenced by their ideas and behaviors around money. They say that money, depending on how much you have, can directly influence your self-worth and when you are able to have choices financially, your self-worth goes up. Kelly asks three practical questions which can help you to look at your relationship with money and your self-worth resulting from that.


1)Do you believe that you can control your financial destiny?

2)Do you deserve to be financially secure?

3)Do you see yourself as financially independent, or dependent on others to take care of you?

4)Kelly offers you ways to up your level of self-worth, through the use of a professional financial service with Better Money Decisions.



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Contact Lisa Darrell at:


or call Lisa on: (505)301-8508


Jan 17, 2017

Do you have lots of things in lots of different places? Would you would like to create emotional freedom for yourself? Or to organize your life to make things easier for those close to you, in case of your death? Then listen in to today's guest, Hazel Thornton, founder of Organized For Life, as she talks candidly about the necessary steps you can take to protect your family and yourself for this inevitable eventuality.


Hazel is a Personal Organizer and the creator of the Clutter Flow Chart Collection. She's also a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, a founding member of Professional Organizers of New Mexico, a certified Personal Photo Organizer and a certified Interior Redesigner and Home Stager. Hazel has a calming approach, which takes any embarrassment or fear out of the process. Listen in and find out how to get your digital records organized, in case of your death.


Today, Hazel talks about:


•Organizing your digital life and digital documents.

•The word  legacy- what it means to people.

•The implications of leaving your affairs in a state of clutter when you die.

•The personal story which motivated Hazel to do what she does.

• Your Legacy Contact on Facebook.

•The implications of dying without a will.

•Some of the most important resources to begin with, when organizing your life.

•The Legacy Resource Roundup on Hazel's website and how it can help you.

•What a digital will is and the benefits of having one.

•Her Worry Matrix and how it can help you.



Emotional triggers are very important when trying to work something out in a relationship, especially around money. Everyone has their own ideas and beliefs about money and this is what Kelly refers to as your Money Personality. It's always different with everyone, yet there's no right or wrong here. Due to these different personality types, it's important for couples to take time to sit down and figure out their Money Personalities and then look at the problems they could be having with that. It’s necessary for couples to get onto the same page about money- and this is where professional financial help can really work. 




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To contact Hazel:  Sign up for Hazel's newsletter and get a free Clutter Flowchart!


Hazel on Facebook: Hazel Thornton is Organized For Life.


Jan 17, 2017


If you would like to know more about the background on emerging markets, or if you are looking for a viable new investment opportunity, listen in to Kate's interview with Jamie Anderson, her guest on today's show, as he shares his expertise and talks about his new ETF, LARE, which was launched in December of 2015.


Jamie, an emerging market expert and investor, is the managing partner of Tierra Partners, who offers the only US listed ETF to invest in Latin American Real Estate. More than half of the assets of LARE are invested in Brazil.


On today's episode Jamie talks about:


•The shift in emerging markets, from being export oriented economies, to becoming more internally focused consumption economies- Mexico being a good example.

•How the young population base of the BRICS countries is contributing to their growth as consumer nations.

•How apartment buildings in Mexico are becoming a new product for Mexican Real Estate Developers.

•The changes implemented by Mexico in the 90's that have allowed for the development of the Real Estate market there.

•The story behind the formation of the Latin American Real Estate Fund (LARE), as a product.

•Over 80% of the 58 equities in the LARE are not available in any other product.

•Why a product like the LARE could not have been put out 5 or 6 years ago.

•The index behind the LARE ETF.

•The expense ratio of the LARE as compared to certain domestic products.

•The all round advantages of the LARE product.


Host, Kate Stalter offers some tips today, for empty nesters. She talks about some planning considerations for people whose kids are no longer living at home. This is often the time to re-evaluate the whole financial picture, to prepare for an active, healthy retirement. This may involve downscaling in some areas, examining debts and possibly re-evaluating insurance requirements. It could also be a time to create new experiences with the family, ones that better reflect the current changes.





Jamie's product site:


Contact Jamie on Twitter: @tierrafunds


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Jan 10, 2017

If you would like to trade online, but don't know what the risks are, or how to assess where the market is going, you will certainly benefit from listening to the guest on today's show, Carley Garner, an experienced Futures and Options Broker from Las Vegas. She would like to help you to avoid the common pitfalls that many people fall into.


Carley has a firm called DeCarley Trading, a division of Zaner. She has published several books about commodities: Higher Probability Commodity Trading, A Trader's First Book On Commodities, Currency Trading In The Forex And Futures Markets and Commodity Options. She also publishes two newsletters,  The DeCarley Perspective and The Financial Futures Report. Carley is proactive in providing free trading education. Her commodity market analysis is often referenced on Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC and she's been a guest on his show too! She's a regular contributor to and has been featured in magazines and publications like Stocks Commodities And Futures, Active Trader, Option Trader Magazine and she has been interviewed by Investors Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal. 


On today's show, Carley talks to Kate about:


  • Her most recent book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, where she has made something that's complicated very accessible.
  • The role of commodities in a portfolio, when it comes to diversification.
  • Managed Futures Funds- what they are and what you need to be careful of with them.
  • The importance of making the distinction between speculating and investing.
  • Why most people lose money, trading commodities.
  • The problems with getting advice from system vendors and newsletter salesmen.
  • Carley's great advice to newbie traders.



Co-host Kelly Chisholm, is now running a series of seminars called Second Saturday, geared to the boomer generation, with its focus on the emotional and financial aspects of divorce. She urges you if getting a divorce, to have someone who specializes in Divorce Financial Planning help you with the long term implications of your financial decisions... not to just get the divorce over with.  One of the topics will be Grey Divorce, where she talks about the implications of the divorce rate for people over fifty having skyrocketed over the last few years...and not only in the USA.




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Kate and Kelly's email:


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Carley on Twitter: @carleygarner



Jan 10, 2017

If you would like to know more about stocks, options and trading, listen in to today's episode of America Talks Money, with hosts Kate Stalter and Kelly Chisholm and their expert guest, Bob Lang. Today Kate and Kelly talk about the emotional impact of investing and Bob offers his sage advice about how you can win with money markets.


Kate, a licensed Financial Advisor and a long-time journalist at financial publications, became a financial advisor because she felt that as a journalist, she wasn't helping people enough with their money problems. She learned that you have no idea of the emotional impact of investing if you're not actually helping people with their financial issues.


Kelly, a licensed psychotherapist, who worked with marriage counseling for about twelve years, found that many, even most relationship problems were around issues to do with money- communication about it, or feelings related to it. She started working with couples, just on money issues. She had no financial advisor to refer her clients to, so she eventually filled the role herself, coming a full circle to have the impact that she desired.


Bob is a financial columnist and also owns a company called Aztec Capital. He is a private trader in equity and options markets and an expert on options and how to trade them. He also runs a website, Explosive Options, as an options trading mentor, teaching people how to trade options the right way for sustainability. He has a vast range of experience, including managing a $300,000,000 pension plan, long-term financial planning, asset allocation and retirement planning. He launched Aztec Partners Hedge Fund in 2008 for both private and institutional clients. He also offers personal coaching and mentorship.


On today's episode, Kate and Kelly talk about:


  • The importance of getting the correct advice about investments.
  • That this show is geared to boomers rather than millennials.
  • Financial security as compared to financial freedom- particularly for boomers.
  • Kelly's 30,000 ft. view and some quick pointers to managing emotions around money.


Today Bob talks about:


  • A basic definition of options.
  • The best approach to take when beginning to look at options.
  • Risk management and caution when trading.
  • There will be occasions where the market will humble you.
  • His approach to identifying opportunities.
  • His thoughts on structured products created to give people an alternative to traditional stocks and bonds.
  • The importance of educating yourself, when it comes to trading.
  • The appropriate use of options, for longer term investors.
  • Puts as a trading option.


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Twitter: @aztecs99